Facebook, Samsung Meet to Discuss Mobile Partnership | Mobile Marketing Watch

Facebook, Samsung Meet to Discuss Mobile Partnership | Mobile Marketing Watch:

 +Mark Zuckerberg , chief executive officer of Facebook. , was photographed just hours ago in South Korea following his meeting with Lee Don Joo, president of sales and marketing of the mobile communications division at Samsung Electronics Co.
According to +Bloomberg News , the gathering occurred under an impenetrable veil of secrecy at Samsung’s Seocho office building in Seoul, South Korea.
Although speculation initially suggested that Facebook and Samsung are teaming up to produce a Facebook-branded mobile device, we’re told Zuckerberg’s paramount interest lies in new ways of boosting advertising sales from mobile devices.
Behind closed doors, the executives from both companies sat down to discuss a variety of “potential partnership” opportunities.
Facebook doesn’t have any comment on Zuckerberg’s trip, said Seikyu Hong, who represents the company in Seoul.
#Facebook’s powwow with Samsung is generating plenty of talk today despite the understandable affinity both companies likely share with one another. Facebook, after all, is the world’s most popular social-networking site and wants users to spend more time engaged with Facebook on mobile devices. And Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones. It could easily be a perfect match for something big.
But we may have to wait a while to figure out just what that “something” really is.

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