80 young Austin professionals to know; AU40 Awards nominees announced for 2017

The 19th edition of the Austin Under 40 Awards features will bring together some of the most promising people shaping the business and philanthropic future of the city.
Out of 800-plus AU40 nominees, 80 finalists have been named for the 2017 awards presented by the Young Women’s Alliance and the Young Men’s Business League.
Winners will be crowned in 16 categories, from law to nonprofits to technology to social innovation, in an April 1 dinner beginning at 6 p.m. at the JW Marriott Austin.…

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Internet traffic disrupted nationwide as Amazon Web Services hit by massive outage

Amazon.com Inc. is working to fix Amazon Web Services errors that have frozen operations across the web.
Amazon’s web-based Simple Storage Service (S3) is experiencing widespread problems that are disrupting websites, apps and smart devices around the nation.
AWS S3 hosts websites, images on websites and app backends.
Websites and apps affected by the outage include Business Insider, Quora and Slack. The outage is also affecting images displayed on the Austin Business Journal website and its…

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Downtown Austin office rents climb sharply as additional operating cost pile up

Tenants in downtown Austin office buildings have been loudly complaining about rising rents — not because of the original terms of a lease but because of increased property taxes and other operating costs passed on by landlords.
Cushman & Wakefield’s local office research team crunched the numbers and the outcome is startling.
Since 2011, operating costs, referred to as OPEX, have jumped about 55 percent — from $13.14 per square foot to $20.33 per square foot for seven significant but unidentified…

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‘Breaking Bad’-inspired chicken eatery to take over downtown Austin parking lot for SXSW, report says

South By Southwest is an annual chance for Austinites to rub elbows with celebrities and the global business elite — but what about mixing it up with the drug-dealing, meth-making characters from "Breaking Bad"?
A fried chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos is set to open in a downtown parking lot at Fourth and Colorado streets during the mid-March festival, according to the Austin Towers blog. That’s the lot just south of a block of eateries and bars including Frank, a hot dog restaurant.…

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Yet Another Example of the Lack of Gender Diversity in Tech: SXSW Interactive

SXSW’s 2017 speaker lineup is 50.8% female. But why are the sessions about tech STILL overwhelmingly male speakers?

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After delays, City Council set to consider Austin Oaks office park redevelopment

After two rounds of delays, a controversial proposal to rezone a Northwest Austin office park is set to go before City Council on March 2.
The project in question, a proposed redevelopment of the Austin Oaks office park near the intersection of Spicewood Springs Road and MoPac Expressway, had been stalled at its second of three readings for the past two City Council meetings as newly seated District 10 Councilwoman Alison Alter asked for postponements. She made her first request to get up to speed…

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Austin venture capital firm to raise $100M fund for investing in local tech companies

Silverton Partners has set a $100 million goal for its fifth venture capital fund, according to a securities filing, a big new pool for local companies to tap into when searching for growth capital.
It would the largest investment vehicle yet for the Austin-based VC firm and a promising sign for the local startup funding scene, which is still without a dominant player after Austin Ventures in early 2015 pulled back from early-stage funding. Venture investment in Austin businesses dropped sharply…

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Austin midstream oil and gas company starts work on West Texas pipeline

Midstream oil and gas companies — those that connect the drillers with the refiners — are rare in Austin.
A relatively new one, WhiteWater Midstream LLC, is making its first big foray into the rich West Texas oil patch and has started construction on a 75-mile natural gas pipeline
The Agua Blanca Pipeline will run from Orla, about 38 miles northwest of Pecos near the New Mexico border, to the Waha Hub in northern Pecos County, the company said in a Feb. 23 announcement. The 36-inch pipeline…

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Leanplum: Emoji Push Notifications Increase Mobile Marketing Engagement

Mobile marketing company Leanplum is out with a new Mobile Marketing Trends report that “confirms the effectiveness of emoji push notifications in mobile communications.”

What’s behind the boom? This growth, Leanplum tells us, “is driven by consumer love for emojis and the emotions they evoke, and it is clear from the data — provided by Leanplum and App Annie — that emojis are more likely to influence conversions.”

The report provides a blueprint for organizations seeking to better engage their customers through more delightful and personalized communications.

According to Monday’s briefing, Leanplum’s mobile marketing platform is installed in one of every two smartphones worldwide, and tracks 10 billion daily user actions. This gives Leanplum a vast source of data intelligence on push notifications and their effectiveness on mobile marketing campaigns.

For this report, Leanplum analyzed over 2.6 billion push notifications, discovering that push notifications with emojis saw 85 percent greater open rates on average, compared to those sent without emojis. This validates that emoji-powered notifications are a great tool for engaging end users, and can lead to higher usage, loyalty, and conversions.

“Understanding how users respond to content is an important part of building a healthy relationship with them,” said Shipra Mahindra, Product Coordinator & Growth Marketer at Canva. “In a recent A/B test, we learned that including emojis with plain text in our in-app messaging lifts engagement more than including illustrative images. Thanks to Leanplum’s easy-to-use messaging solution and automated insights, we can effectively engage more users, with content that resonates.”

Want to know more? Download the full Mobile Marketing Trends report, Winning App (&) With Emojis, here.

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Teads Tells Us That Premium Editorial Content is ‘More Memorable And Engaging’ Than Social Feeds

Chalk up a big win for premium editorial content.

According to a new report from Teads, premium editorial engages viewers with highly memorable content that has a greater impact for video advertisers.

“Through testing editorial articles from Teads’ premium publisher partners, including Time Inc., Condé Nast, Forbes and The Atlantic, Teads discovered that premium editorial’s unique value lies in delivering greater effectiveness, and premium editorial content was found to be 16% more personally relevant, or engaging, than social news feeds,” the report summary notes.

Per the details emailed to MMW, additional insights from the study include the following:

  • Premium editorial delivers a deep experience with a powerful memory impact: For the rational/detailed-oriented (left) side of the brain, premium editorial was found to have a 19% greater impact on memory. For the emotional (right) side of the brain, premium editorial had an 8% greater impact on memory.
  • This memorable content helps make ads in premium editorial environments more memorable: Video ads within premium editorial performed better than 8 out of 10 online ads tested when measured by detailed memory encoding, a key metric for ad impact.
  • Premium editorial also helps create more memorable peak “hero” moments that influence consumer behavior: Peak memory describes the highest level of detail memory (correlated with purchase behavior) achieved. Teads’ video ads had a 15% higher impact on peak detail memory, which has a validated correlation with purchase intent.
  • Premium editorial allows for a broader range of ads to be effective: Content and video advertising have separate NeuroStates that, when aligned, drive higher effectiveness. Premium editorial achieved a balanced NeuroState, meaning that activity was charted equally on the left and right sides of the brain, thus allowing a broad range of video advertising creative to be effective within premium editorial.

“This study validates something Teads has felt strongly about for some time—that advertising within premium editorial is the most effective option for advertisers, hitting on a number of key performance metrics,” said Rebecca Mahony, CMO of Teads. “Neuro studies are really pushing the envelope of what is possible when it comes to measuring how ads resonate with consumers and offer a unique opportunity to really drill down on the elements and context considerations surrounding advertising. We’re excited to see that results support the concept that premium editorial helps video ads rise to the top.”

All told, there’s much more to the report which can be downloaded here.

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