Tenjin, Chartio to Bring Advanced Business Intelligence to App Marketers

MAW first broke the news this week that Tenjin, a mobile marketing infrastructure company, announced partnerships with Looker, the company that is powering data-driven businesses, and Chartio, the cloud-based data exploration solution, to “enable app marketers to access, analyze and act on their data more effectively and efficiently.”

So what’s behind the partnerships and what’s to be gained?

By combining Tenjin’s data warehousing infrastructure, DataVault, with data visualization and exploration tools from Looker and Chartio, app marketers can now run a wide variety of queries on app data from across the entire user lifecycle and generate reports in a number of flexible, intuitive and easily accessible formats. The combined offerings provide app developers with powerful end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions that can be used to acquire more profitable new users and optimize their ad spend.

“With user acquisitions costs as high as they are, it’s crucial that app marketers have robust BI tools to help them identify, target and acquire high-value users,” said Christopher Farm, co-founder and CEO of Tenjin. “DataVault is the preferred solution for many leading app developers to help them gain user-level access to data from throughout the entire lifecycle. Through these partnerships with Chartio and Looker, we are now able to provide our customers with the industry’s most powerful visualization tools as well.”

We’re told that Tenjin customers wanting to get started with either Looker or Chartio can email support@tenjin.io.

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