JOINGO Integrates with CasinoTrac Casino Management System

JOINGO, a dominant leader in mobile engagement for the casino gaming industry, confirmed this week that it has just completed its first integration with the CasinoTrac system created by Table Trac, Inc.

The integration was completed at WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Sloan, IA and is featured in the WinnaVegas Casino Resort mobile application.

We’re told that the JOINGO integration with CasinoTrac features full integration of JOINGO mobile applications with the CasinoTrac casino management system. Using a JOINGO mobile app, players have access to their account information such as tier level, points balance and points value, and can view personalized offers and promotions.

“We are very excited to be partnering with JOINGO to bring our customers a mobile solution they can depend on to produce real ROI and cost savings,” said Chad Hoehne, President and Chief Technology Officer for Table Trac, Inc. “We are certain that WinnaVegas Casino Resort is just the first of many successful integrations with JOINGO in the future.”

“The CasinoTrac integration is another great example of the open and flexible nature of the JOINGO platform,” said Kirk Olson, VP of Sales at JOINGO. “We are ecstatic to have CasinoTrac as our fifth CMS integration, and we are looking forward to bringing the JOINGO mobile engagement solution to CasinoTrac’s existing and future customers.”

The WinnaVegas Casino Resort mobile application featuring JOINGO integration with CasinoTrac is now available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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