TUNE Touts New Mobile Marketing Guide for Retailers

Mobile marketing company TUNE has just released its latest guide, “Shopping the Best Mobile Marketing KPIs: The Most Important Metrics for Retail Apps.”

The guide, we’re told, is chock full of examples, resources, and metrics for each stage of the mobile marketing funnel.

According to the official word provided to MMW, the guide is designed for retailers looking for ways to measure success in the rapidly growing m-commerce industry.

Mobile commerce now accounts for 34% of all e-commerce transactions globally, and is growing 200% faster than traditional e-commerce But measuring success in mobile presents unique challenges for retailers, whether they’re mobile-first or brick-and-mortar stores gone mobile. Even if marketers could manage to track everything, not everything is actually meaningful to a bottom line.

The guide aims to “cut through the clutter” for retailers, breaking down:

  • The best KPIs across discovery, conversion, engagement, and retention
  • Real-world examples from major retailers like Staples, Starbucks, and Sephora
  • How being featured in an app store can generate a 2.5X increase in downloads
  • The subtle but important differences between your metrics and KPIs

Marketers can download the guide for free here.

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