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Isolate Rear Delts With This Exercise
Rear delts are arguably one of the more neglected body parts we see being trained in the gym. In this video, Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer, Alex Keller is going through a killer drop set variation to target his posterior deltoids.

How To Execute The Exercise
– Start with your hips in a fully flexed position and your torso tilted forward. NOTE: It’s ok to round your back, assuming you’re not kipping, and you have no pain in your lower back. This will be personal preference and depends on flexibility.
– Perform 8-10 reps for each weight in the drop set. This may be as much as 30 reps per set. Training volume should be considered based on your personal training experience.
– Keep your torso as locked in place as possible and horizontally abduct from the shoulder.
– Elbow extension should be very limited. This is a shoulder joint action and not a hip or elbow action.

Coaching Cues That Help
– Brace your torso with a deep breath. This will lock you in place and limit movement at the hip.
– Point pinkies to the sky, this keeps the shoulder internally rotated and puts posterior deltoid more “on top” or in line with the center of gravity.
– Keep the load light, or at least relatively. This is an isolated movement and overload can be done through drop sets, tempo, etc. there is no need to overload with excessive weight.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave comments / questions / concerns. CJ comments back directly.

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