SXSW 2017 – First day

The SXSX 2017 has officially started.

For those who are not familiar with the acronym, SXSW, or South by Southwest , is a major technology, design, and trend event that has taken place in Austin, Texas since 1987.

Well, this is my first year here, and I would like to share with you a little bit of what I saw in this South by .

There is no Uber.

I confess that I read very quickly on transportation in Austin before coming here and I ended up not paying much attention to this small great detail: there is no uber in Austin. :O

The way was to get a normal taxi from the airport to the hotel. The good side of this is that the driver was super friendly and was soon talking about the city. He showed me some bluebonnets on the road, which are those typical Austin purple plants. A charm.

Bluebonnets, typical of Austin

In addition to conventional taxis, there are Uber-like apps here in Austin. For now, I only used Ride Austin and I thought it was great. The map works well, the drivers are very solicitous and do not usually take too long. Oh, it has dynamic fare once in a while, okay?

Another option is the Fasten app . This one I have not tested yet.

Here is the land of BBQ.

Austin’s Barbecue really sounds like unanimity. All the drivers and friends said the same thing: Eat Austin’s BBQ, especially Black’s.

Black’s BBQ

Leg for what I want!

In one day, you need to walk a lot to be able to attend the lectures. That’s because each talk is at a different point from the street. And they are very punctual, that is, if you blink, you may lose your place in the talk.

SXSW Go, my faithful squire.

As an international technology benchmark, SXSW could not fail to have an app. And he’s incredible. In Sxsw Go, you can interact with people around the world if your focus is networking. But, what else we have used is the function of the agenda and the mapinhas. It tells you exactly where each lecture is, with the schedules and a brief description of what will be covered. This app was more basic in early 2016, and today is much more complete.

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