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Patriot Paws Day RESULTS – PricePlow’s First Charity Drive!
Mike discusses the Patriot PAWS pledge drive. Below is the breakdown:

* RedCon1: $250 (Pledged)
* Primeval Labs / Militant Supplements: $300 (To be donated through PP’s check)
* Rich Piana / 5% Nutrition: $300 (already donated!)
* DPS Nutrition: $100 (already donated!)
* SNS: ~$200
* Elemetx: $25 (to be donated through PP’s check)
* Loretta: $20 (to be donated through Mike’s personal check)

* PricePlow: $728.53

** Overall Total: $1923.53

** Personal Donation from Mike: $76.47

**** GRAND TOTAL == $2000!!!! ****

-~~- Further Breakdown -~~-

** Total from Brands, pledged, paid, or invoiced through us: $1175

** Total PricePlow CHECK to be written (Note: made a small mistake in the video): $728.53 + 25 (Elemetx) + 300 (Primeval) = $1048.53

** Total Mike CHECK to be written: $96.47 (adding Loretta $20)

This leaves us with RedCon1 owing $250 on April 1 and we’re set!

Note: ON the PricePlow side, Amazon has recently decreased their affiliate commissions in their Associates Program. We are kicking in EXTRA to make up for that commission decline — not going to let them rain on this charity event!! That boost was included in our $723 number.

Thanks to EVERYONE

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