Happy 1 year anniversary to Galvanize Austin!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Galvanize opened their doors because they immediately became ingrained in the Austin startup and tech community. Galvanize is focused on teaching classes that turn programmers into data scientists — one of the hottest job titles on the market right now. They also offer web development classes and coworking in a beautiful downtown office.

I first met Jim Deters, the founder of Galvanize, at a Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub network meeting in Chicago at 1871. I’m a big fan of the coding school business model and saw that they had a unique approach and brand. Focusing on data science is smart, because it’s one of the highest paying programming jobs and there is a ton of demand for it that is only expected to grow.

Galvanize came into Austin with grace and a Techstars-style “Give First” mentality. They have hosted lots of great meetups and events for the community and provided space to CTAN and DivInc. It seems like every other weekend there is some really cool hack-a-thon going on over there! They were smart to hire Austin local Bill Blackstone from Rackspace to lead the Austin office.

Austin has been fortunate to attract well funded, community-minded organizations such as Galvanize, Impact Hub, Techstars and WeWork to our community.

Galvanize is having a public celebration on Friday, April 7. RSVP below!

Level Up Luau: Galvanize Austin One Year Celebration

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