What Happens When Smart Cities Fall Short of Meeting the Needs of All Citizens?

Picture: In the background is a Map of New York City. In the foreground are the words “The Quest for the Rainbow Bagel”

Join Zach Anner on his quest to find and eat the elusive Rainbow Bagel

Courtesy of Cerebral Palsy Foundation and The Official Fan Page of Zach Anner

My friend Zach Anner is on a quest to find and eat the “Rainbow Bagel” — widely known as the best bagel in the country. But Zach is in Manhattan and the elusive Rainbow Bagel was last seen in Brooklyn.

Never before has the quest for a rainbow bagel been so epic or made the need for accessibility in Smart Cities so frustratingly clear.

Get ready to laugh as you learn about accessibility and inclusion and discover what people with disabilities have face when Smart Cities fall short of meeting the needs of all residents.

You may be surprised by what you see — you can leave comments or ask questions below, I promise to read and reply back Pronto!


Heads UP!

If you’re a City Planner, Mayor, City Manager, City Council Member or have anything to do with your City’s Smart City development, I encourage you to make a big bowl of popcorn and watch this video, then watch it again and TAKE NOTES!

Building a Global Culture of Access and Inclusion™

Darren Bates is a lifelong champion of equality, inclusion, and social justice for people with disabilities and other diverse, underserved populations. Internationally recognized as a Visionary Thought Leader in Global Inclusion, Radical Innovation, and Inclusive Smart City Planning and Development.

Darren offers accessibility and inclusion training, strategic consulting, and professional speaking services through Darren Bates, LLC.

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