PricePlow presents DMAA Lawsuit April 2017 Update: It’s Not Over! (Hi-Tech vs. FDA)

DMAA Lawsuit April 2017 Update: It’s Not Over! (Hi-Tech vs. FDA)
Mike discusses the MAJOR update in the Hi-Tech vs. US Federal Government (FDA) lawsuit over DMAA’s legality as a supplement.

Direct link to the PDF:

The honorable Willis B. Hunt has GRANTED the US Government’s Motion for Summary Judgement, and DENIED Hi-Tech Pharma’s. This is a major blow, but it’s not yet over:

– Hi-Tech has 28 Days to file a Motion to Reconsider
– Hi-Tech WILL appeal to the 11th Circuit if necessary

The FDA’s entire case was based upon their belief that DMAA is not found in nature. It’s been shown again and again to appear in geranium plant material and oil (even in studies that claimed it WASN’T detected!)

However, the judge made a decision based upon information not discussed in the case, such as the definition of the word “botanical”. Our argument is that he failed to look at the word “constituent” in DSHEA 1994, and may have misinterpreted the law. This may be open to appeal.

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