Why You Should Relocate Your Startup to Austin

For Austinites, we don’t mind sharing the fact that a U.S. News and World Report declared Austin the #1 Best City To Live In or that over a hundred and fifty people move here every day because our city really is just that great.

But we’re more than just tacos, sunshine, and music festivals. Maybe you’ve already heard that Austin is the #1 Startup City in the U.S. or that we had the 2nd largest startup growth of any city in the U.S. last year. Either way, entrepreneurs are continuing to move their startups to ATX in order to take advantage of our community, talent, and affordability.

Austin is the No. 1 city for startups. Again.

Capital Factory has been home to several of these companies and cultivates a comfortable environment for newly relocated entrepreneurs. Joe Troyen, with PenPal Schools, says that Capital Factory is “where [he] met both of [his] PenPal Schools co-founders and most of [their] original investors.”

Now his learning platform is being used by over 100,000 students in 170 countries.

Marcelo Vieira, CEO of restaurant discount app Tastebud, found that being a part of Capital Factory upon arriving in Austin meant having “the immediate access to great successful entrepreneurs that have already been on your side of the table.” He says, “starting your company can be a lonely up and down affair no matter what type of issue, there is someone at Capital Factory that can help.”

He wasn’t too upset with life outside of Capital Factory, either.

J.D. Chang made the move from Washington D.C. in 2015 to grow his marketing company SocialMatters.ai. He says that in Austin the “cost for starting a company is lower, in headcount and overhead. But talent is absolutely on par with anywhere else!”

Eight years ago, Chuck Gordon, the founder of full-service storage company Sparefoot, said farewell to California, came to Austin, and found that “the mentors and the entire Austin community were so welcoming and encouraging. It really felt like everyone wanted us to be successful which I think is pretty unique to Austin.” SchooLinks founder, Katie Fang came to Austin in search of what Chuck found, “a support network and like-minded entrepreneurs” and said she got exactly that.

When asked what advice she would give to entrepreneurs moving to Austin, Katie says it for all of us…

Think you’re ready to move your startup to Austin and want to learn more? Read this blog post, apply here or reach out to accelerator@capitalfactory.com

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