32 Subscriptions in 2 Days Now Means $3,000/year to Texas Non-profits

Thanks so much to all of our first subscribers. Your support and commitment to doing what you can, where you are, with what you have are why we do it.

Here’s how the early impact breaks down by cause type and organization.

Animals & Environment

  • Austin Pets Alive! — Austin, TX
  • Austin Parks Foundation — Austin, TX
  • Pease Park Conservancy — Austin, TX
  • Parks & Wildlife Foundation — Dallas, TX

Youth & Education

  • Makarios — Austin, TX
  • e4 Youth — Austin, TX
  • PelotonU — Austin, TX
  • The Amala Foundation, Austin, TX

Rights & Equality

Arts & Culture

Health & Relief

  • LifeWorks Austin — Austin, TX
  • Front Steps — Austin, TX
  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes — Austin, TX

Hunger & Poverty

Ready to join Everybody Helping?

Go ahead, subscribe to your first non-profit.

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