Swyft Media Bolsters Mobile Engagement Platform with Self-Service Capability

On Thursday, Swyft Media  announced a number of enhancements to its Mobile Engagement Platform, which are designed to make it easier for brands to engage and empower advocates across mobile applications.

New features include: a self-service feature that enables brands to build and execute their own campaigns; clickable stickers; retargeting capabilities; and integration with holistic analytics platform Kochava.

Swyft’s Mobile Engagement Platform helps brands extend the reach of mobile content, while generating brand awareness and new revenue opportunities across mobile messaging and personalization applications.

Through branded content like emoji, digital stickers, GIFs, photo frames, photo filters, chat and video, brands can reach and engage with consumers in the places they spend the most time.

“With these new features, we’re providing brands and advertisers with more insight and control of their campaigns within mobile messaging and personalization apps – with a clearer path to direct ROI opportunities,” said Evan Wray, co-founder and vice president at Swyft Media. “The Mobile Engagement Platform now offers greater visibility into things like campaign performance, engagement and analytics. And, with features like clickable stickers, they’re able to understand which content is driving potential revenue opportunities. In a space as fluid as mobile messaging, being able to have this insight and act upon it quickly is critical to the success of the overall campaign.”

To learn more about Swyft Media, click here.

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