Is Diversity An Emerging Market or Sector?

Diversity continues to be a hot topic of discussion and it’s great that more folks are talking it, but I asked myself recently, what actions are being taken? As I thought about actions, I then wondered how people viewed the word. For me, emerging market and sector spoke to me. So let’s define what they are. First up, emerging market.

Investopia Definition

Now, let’s check out the definition of sector.

Investopia Definition

Diversity within entrepreneurship qualifies per the formal definition of sector right? Ok, now let’s look at the definition of emerge.

Just from my perspective I see all the focus around the topic of “diversity” and the prominence of the word as disruptive change happening throughout the startup and tech landscape. There’s been an emergence of more diverse entrepreneurs, diverse lead VC firms/funds, organizational culture focus, team dynamics, diversity of thought, and much much more.

Just my personal opinion, but I view diversity as an emerging market and the startup sector is where my current interest lies.

My focus is to leverage media to highlight, connect, and empower a more blended community, that represents the diverse world we live in through the stories of diverse entrepreneurs and the companies they build to empower entrepreneurs from all walks of life through BLNDED Media.

BLNDED represents the intersection between diversity in startups and tech. Connecting diverse entrepreneurs to the resources within the startup ecosystem that can help them build and scale their company.

How do you view diversity, and what word(s) best describe it for you?

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