Why I deleted Facebook from my phone

Hint: It starts with “R”

Last weekend I stared at my home screen. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Maps, Fantastical, Breaker…and at the bottom Tweetbot, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Everyday before taking a shower and listening to the Daily I used to scroll through Facebook with one eye open and the other trying to go to sleep again.

This time, however, I deleted Facebook.

I had been thinking about doing it for a while and although I still access it from my laptop I can feel the difference. So why deleting the app?

Well, here’s my feeling. It just got so overwhelming. Among all the news and random strange narratives from everyone and everywhere drowning friend’s posts. I just didn’t want to keep up with any of that anymore. It was a crutch for a bored mind.

What I liked about Facebook was the sense of community it had. A few months back I started to enjoy Facebook again. I joined a bunch of Facebook groups where I could discover new things, laughs at funny memes, and read interesting articles. It was like Facebook was at the beginning: powered by my network of friends. Now, it feels like the network is powered by marketing algorithms that show you clickbait-y titles. It feels like a hollow network.

What made Facebook interesting was that the network that you made in real life was now online. Digital and physical life blurred and you could keep in contact with them. But lately it seems like friends posts have taken a second place. When I joined those groups it made me feel that sense of real community again and I loved it. But to see those groups I had to look for them, rarely they appeared in my feed and so, less and less I followed them.

Then I joined Reddit. It was exactly what I was looking for when I joined the Facebook groups. A real sense of community where you could post things related to a certain topic and receive related posts. It is exactly what I want. After joining the obligatory subs I can’t be more happy with the change.

Coupled with Twitter, Reddit is where I go for my memes and news now. Twitter is a social network based on my actual interests and Reddit, the communities that I really want to be part of. What about my daily doses of wanderlust and snooping around the latest vacation? Well, I have Instagram, a more pure platform for that, where I also follow my favorite photographers.

Also, with all the apps that Facebook makes, having the actual Facebook app is useless. For events that some of your friends want to go there’s the events app, much more powerful and interesting that the function within the Facebook app. For contacting my friends on Facebook, they split messenger into its own app. And for articles and news I have NYTimes, Medium and Pocket (I have a queue for ages).

Also, I haven’t quit Facebook for good. I’m too invested still. I open it sometimes when I’m on my laptop and scroll through some articles. Facebook is good but in small doses.

Now Reddit has replaced Facebook in my home screen. Medium, Instagram, Reddit, Tweetbot and Snapchat at the bottom. Ready for access to the communities I care about. Oh, and Apple Music is gone too, but that’s a story for another time.

You can reach me at Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, follow my podcast Meet the Founders on iTunes. I talk with Austin Entrepreneurs about their stories, successes, failures, and the journeys to make their ideas a reality.

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