What’s Next for Tech Diversity in Austin, Texas?

And what can we do to make Austin one tech city again?

When I first tell people I live in Silicon Hills, most people look at me with a very confused expression. They’re typically familiar with Silicon Valley and the many large tech companies that serve us ads via Instagram, but they’re strangers to the presence those same companies have here in Austin, Texas. They also have little to no clue about the booming tech ecosystem that includes many diverse startup companies unless they regularly monitor tech publications.

But even though select non-Austinites have little knowledge of our tech scene, there are plenty of Austin residents who are unaware of issues happening behind the scenes.

At yesterday’s Diversity in Tech event at Huston-Tillotson University, the Blnded Media Team had the opportunity to hear from a host of professionals who want to make sure more Austinites are aware of the good that’s happening in our tech scene, but also learn about how we can make it more diverse.

Read the full article on Blnded.

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