PricePlow presents Hi-Tech Pharma vs. ThermoLife: Legal Fees Awarded in Patent Lawsuit?!

Hi-Tech Pharma vs. ThermoLife: Legal Fees Awarded in Patent Lawsuit?!
Nick Gingo of the Renner Otto IP Law firm in Cleveland, OH discusses the latest Hi-Tech vs. ThermoLife International battle, where the judge awarded attorney’s fees to Hi-Tech after invalidating ThermoLife’s L-Arginine patents due to the nature of this case.

This court case is CLEARLY not over though, so don’t expect Ron Kramer and ThermoLife to get the checkbook out too soon for Jared Wheat. As Nick mentions, it will almost positively be appealed, and right after recording this video, ThermoLife filed a Motion to Reconsider.

This is a good IP LAW 101 class, because Nick does a great job taking you through the steps of these crazy intellectual property court cases.

As we publish this document, this case has had 289 filings!! This is how crazy it gets when you decide to fight, and Hi-Tech is estimating over $900,000 in legal fees!!!

* Hi-Tech vs. ThermoLife ORDER (46 pages) – September 21, 2016 –

* Hi-Tech vs. ThermoLife: Judgement – September 28, 2016 –

* Motion for ThermoLife to Pay Attorney’s Fees of over $900,000 – October 12, 2016 –

* Attorney’s Fees Awarded – April 4, 2017[12] –

* ThermoLife’s Motion for Reconsideration – May 2, 2017 –

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