Email Marketing Ranked as Top Digital Marketing Channel… Again!

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions, announced this week that email marketing has been ranked as the top digital marketing channel for the third consecutive year for producing return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing beat out search marketing, display advertising and even social media marketing to be the top ROI producer.

The results are based on a recent study of top global email marketers and the majority of marketers stated that their email marketing campaigns generated a successful return on investment.

Email marketing continues to see strong performance metrics because the email audience is growing, engaged and increasingly mobile. Reaching the customer at the relevant time and through the relevant channel has helped to deliver success to email marketing performance rates. Email open rates and click-through rates (CTRs) are steady while most of the other digital marketing channels are seeing decreased performance rates. Designing more relevant and personalized emails is also helping to drive stronger performance metrics.

“Email continues to be the most effective marketing channel and email marketers who embrace successful email tactics including email marketing automation, email personalization, mobile responsive email design and email interactivity are seeing the best results,” said Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “Email marketers who implement a comprehensive email strategy that focuses on targeting the correct audience through email segmentation and continuous email tracking, testing and optimization will reap the rewards of email marketing including a positive ROI.”

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