Google’s New Path

“Mobile first” is so old school

What got announced last night Kenyan time? A new path for Google. A couple of years back, the term ‘Mobile First’ was a buzz word with everyone around building apps, developing websites and optimizing algorithms that embraced this new idea. The idea was that everyone was now consuming media on mobile devices and sure thats true but now everybody knows that. Now Google is. taking an “AI first approach” as put by its CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google has been investing in artificial intelligence for the past couple of years with varying success. It built in AI and machine learning with Google Now, got better over time which led to Google Now on Tap which understood context better and now Google Assistant which is voice based. Google is now fully set on brining AI everywhere with its Assistant platform which will cease to reside in phones alone and find its way into more home appliances. The hope for Assistant being the dominant AI is high as Google continues to show its prowess in natural language processing.

Say hi to Google Lens

Another big theme, still based off their machine learning, AI and computer vision tech is Google Lens which was demoed severally over the keynote. If you’ve seen Samsung’s Bixby at work, then imagine Bixby on crack. Google Lens is able to detect items and give you suggestions based off what it sees, a type of flower, car, brand or even detect wifi access point name and password and connect automatically. Its powerful and will be spread out across the Assistant platform as well as Google Photos.

Leading the pack

The concept of AI is not new at all and the biggest question has been, how AI and machine learning can apply in real life and Google has seemly figured it out, for the most part. They are probably now the leading authority in what AI and machine learning is capable of, spending most of their time in major R&D in designing better algorithms and methods of improving machine learning and deep learning structures. They showed what AI and machine learning was doing in the medical field in terms of helping doctors better diagnose different types of breast cancer raising accuracy from 73% to 89%. Very impressive.

Google is paving the way for the future in almost every aspect; mobile, web, cloud, search and now Artificial Intelligence and it is more than exciting to see what the future holds.

If you’re interested in taking part in the whole AI and machine learning revolution, you can check out Google’s TensorFlow library that allows you to play with machine learning concepts and even build your own models. They also announced TensorFlow Lite which will run in Android apps mainly and probably web apps too just to implement certain degrees of machine learning on mobile devices.

Check out to find out more on what’s going on in the world’s largest developer conference.

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