new name. new look. selling fun.

Starting May 31st, we will officially be Roomify and showing off our new look to the world! That’s right, we gave ourselves a makeover. And it’s more than a simple name and logo change.

See, our story all began when Sagar Hemani and I were entering college. College shopping simply sucked. We spent days running around with our parents trying to figure out everything we needed for our tiny dorm rooms. At the end of it, our parents were sick and tired and asked, “why couldn’t there be a simple way to get everything in a box delivered right to you?” That was the “aha” moment. We set out to solve a problem of our own; we wanted to be the heroes for the 21.8M students out there suffering from this hassle every year.

Dorm It Up

We came up with our original name after watching an episode of Community (TV sitcom):

The name was so easy to understand, fun, and relatable. However, as we evolved over the years, we had some altering thoughts on the direction of where we were heading. We spoke to the people who inspired us to start the business in the first place- our students. We listened extremely close and kept hearing, “I wish I had this when I was a freshman.” That irked us. We wanted to solve a bigger problem, serve a larger audience, build a brand for all college students. After countless back-and-forth’s, it was time to let go of the past and think about the future, and that’s when we decided to have a refresh- hello Roomify.

Selling Fun

As we sat down to think about what Roomify will stand for, we realized that we’re in the business of selling ‘fun’. We are honing in on the everyday student and the experiences he/she encounters in college- freshman 15, pulling all-nighters, dreadful 8am’s, cramming for exams, etc. We’re out to build a brand that resonates with students, that speaks their language, that designs exciting products based on their wants/needs, that services all of their pain points, and much much more. We’re out to build a for students, by students brand.

Check out on May 31st for all of your essentials!

Shanil Wazirali, Co-Founder

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