Virtual War: Google Steps Up Competition with Facebook

VRJournal reported Thursday that Google is forging ahead with a new standalone Daydream headset.

At its developer’s conference, Google confirmed a “cable-less virtual-reality headset” that works without a corresponding phone or PC.

“Daydream will soon also support a new category of VR devices, which we call standalone VR headsets,” Google explained in its blog post. “These devices build on what’s already great about smartphone VR, and they make the whole experience even easier and more comfortable. Standalone headsets don’t require a phone or PC. Instead, getting into VR is as simple as putting the thing on. The hardware is fully optimized for VR, and features a new headset tracking technology called WorldSense. WorldSense enables positional tracking, meaning the headset tracks your precise movements in space – and it does this all without any external sensors to install.”

For now, the report from VRJournal summarizes, there are still plenty of questions that haven’t been answered. But it’s enough to know that something new and potentially big is coming from Google to rival Facebook in the VR space.

For Google’s complete announcement, click here.

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