Acxiom Tapped by Michaels for Omnichannel Marketing Solution

Acxiom, the so-called “data foundation for the world’s best marketers,” has just announced an expansion of its collaboration with Michaels Stores, Inc.

We’re told that Michaels has selected Acxiom’s integrated, data-driven marketing solutions to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Providing enhanced campaign measurement and analytics, Acxiom’s comprehensive solution brings together strategy, first- and third-party data, and advanced analytics to enable a 360 degree view of Michaels’ customers across both digital and offline channels.

“We are committed to engaging with our customers when, where, and how they want, and Acxiom enables us to do just that,” noted Steve Carlotti, EVP – Marketing, The Michaels Companies, Inc. “Acxiom connects our marketing and advertising ecosystem at the data layer. This will help us improve our customer engagement, increase the relevance of our customer communication, and enable us to more fully measure the effectiveness of our marketing programs.”

“We’re pleased to expand our partnership with Michaels and commend the brand’s forward-looking approach to people-based marketing,” stated Dennis Self, president and general manager of Acxiom’s Marketing Services division. “As an Omnichannel Integrator, Acxiom Marketing Services is uniquely positioned to help Michaels enable great customer experiences, built on ethical data use and first-in-class identity resolution solutions, by providing an integrated and complete customer view across their digital and offline channels.”

To learn more about Acxiom, click here.

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