Perion’s Social Media Division Named a Snapchat Partner

Perion Network Ltd. announced Monday that MakeMeReach has been named a Snapchat Partner, expanding its comprehensive social media offerings.

“This latest distinction gives Perion competitive reach capabilities and positions the Company to drive global ad objectives,” a provided statement explains.

According to Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion, being named a Snapchat Partner enhances Perion’s offering, “adding to our long term organic growth strategy, taking us to the next level with a more expanded one-stop ad solution for our Fortune 500 clients worldwide.”

Backed by a survey collaboration with IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique), MakeMeReach can now deliver high level Snapchat ad management to its existing social platform allowing advertisers to launch campaigns on any size budget and optimize performance on their platform.

“This new integration will allow our clients to run campaigns on Snapchat and benefit from the expertise of our team on this rapidly growing mobile platform. Being recognized as a Snapchat Partner marks a new milestone for MakeMeReach, and for Perion as a whole. Further to successful partnerships with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we can now deliver the ultimate social media ad management platform, creating a stronger synergy among Perion’s business divisions in the process,” concluded Pierre- Francois Chiron, co-founder of Perion’s MakeMeReach division.

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