Verve Touts Location-Based Mobile Video Offering

On Tuesday, MMW was briefed by the team at Verve — an industry leader in location-powered mobile marketing — about their launch of a new mobile video offering, expanding its suite of mobile advertising solutions.

The ability to overlay high-quality, first-party location data places Verve in a unique position to help brands “elevate their mobile strategy by enabling them to reach intended audiences with greater efficiency and relevance.”

As video viewership continues to migrate from fixed to mobile screens, it’s no surprise that brands have followed eyeballs with increased spend. The IAB recently reported in its 2016 Full Year Report that mobile video revenue increased 145 percent over the prior year to nearly $4.2 billion, demonstrating brands’ enthusiasm about the prospects of employing mobile video to engage consumers and drive business results.

“What we’re launching is in direct response to what we’re hearing from our clients and where consumer attention is going,” said Kevin Arrix, Chief Revenue Officer at Verve. “We see tremendous value in helping brands unlock the distinctive power of location data for mobile video, not only in terms of finding consumers in real-time but, more meaningfully, by targeting the most relevant audiences based on their historical movement patterns.”

To learn more, check out Verve online here.

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