AdColony Advances Groundbreaking New Ad Tech

As first reported by the team at MAW, AdColony is “bringing its A game” to video on mobile.

According to the report in question, the largest independent mobile advertising platform is launching “Aurora HD Video.”

MAW describes Aurora as a suite of new interactive mobile video products the company believes will fundamentally change how consumers engage with video content.

“The Aurora video suite allows advertisers to immerse consumers into video content in a way never before seen in mobile advertising, while also providing the scale to deliver TV-like reach with real results,” an AdColony spokesperson explained.

Powered by AdColony’s Instant-Play tech, the new video framework leverages interactive content, haptic effects, and other native mobile capabilities to captivate and engage users. Aurora also taps into the powerful graphic technologies of WebGL to give marketers graphic capabilities usually reserved for professional CGI and gaming design — including custom particle effects, textures, lighting, and a physics engine that offers more realistic and life-like experiences for viewers.

“From creating fully shoppable video experiences where consumers can tap to add items to a cart, to swiping to make video content switch from day to night or rain to shine, to switching between concurrently-running videos in a “choose your own experience” style campaign, Aurora allows consumers to touch, tap, tilt or swipe a running video to truly affect what happens on screen,” said Will Kassoy, AdColony CEO.

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