33Across Cites Rise in Mobile and Demand for Publisher Technology

This week, MMW was privy to an announcement from 33Across that continued global demand for its publisher monetization platform has resulted in the company expanding its European operations, as well as deepening its U.S. leadership team.

“The 33Across platform delivers programmatic video and display ad revenue to publishers across devices,” a provided statement reads. “The company reported 103 percent year-over-year (YoY) global growth with the most significant boost coming from mobile at 297 percent YoY growth.”

This far exceeds the industry average, as the mobile programmatic advertising market segment is expected to increase 35 percent in 2017, according to the April 2017 eMarketer report, “Advancing Programmatic Advertising.”

The company tells us that 33Across’ global expansion is driven by new and existing publishers, the rise of mobile programmatic advertising, and the company’s ability to respond to the industry demand for greater transparency and quality in the programmatic sector.

“Our growth reflects the significant changes underway in the industry as publishers are demanding greater transparency, quality and even stronger returns from their technology partners. Without trusted high quality inventory that performs well on mobile, the entire ecosystem is at risk,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across. “Our platform’s ability to deliver on those publisher requirements for advertisers has resulted in triple digit growth that shows no signs of slowing.”

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