Marchex Takes Steps to Demonstrate the Power of Search Marketing

Marchex, a leading mobile advertising analytics company, announced this week at SMX Advanced, that it has extended the power of search to all companies with the availability of Marchex Search Essentials — “a new version of its leading Search Analytics product.”

While previously targeted for enterprise-level companies with large marketing budgets, Marchex Search Essentials can now enable companies of all sizes to maximize their spend and increase ROI on paid search campaigns.

“In today’s digital age, it’s critical for companies to be able to track and measure paid search efforts, regardless of their size, industry or budget. Our company is committed to extending data-driven insights to all marketers,” said Guy Weismantel, Executive Vice President, Marketing, at Marchex. “Removing the barrier to entry allows us to provide a scalable option for smaller companies that want to participate in and benefit from this space as well. All while still maintaining our commitment to provide enterprise solutions for customers on the other end of the spectrum.”

The company tells us that Marchex Search Essentials help eliminate a major blind spot for marketers by attributing every inbound phone call to a paid search keyword.

As a result, marketers have the insights they need to make real-time adjustments to drive stronger, more efficient performance for their paid search campaigns.

To learn more, check out Marchex online here.

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