PulsePoint Spearheads a Healthy First for Programmatic

PulsePoint, a leading global programmatic advertising platform, is making history.

MMW has learned that the company has just announced its year-to-date European revenue has more than doubled as compared to 2016.

Core to PulsePoint’s growth strategy is the company’s groundbreaking new health offering, a fully customisable programmatic solution for healthcare marketers.

PulsePoint’s goal, the company tells us, is to help health-related businesses navigate the complex world of real-time programmatic advertising while ensuring brand safety and compliance with government guidelines and regulations.

This is especially relevant in EMEA on the eve of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation, slated for May, 2018. PulsePoint’s development of health capabilities was driven largely by the increasing demand for healthcare spend, and the need to address the specialised concerns of this market.

“During my time at PulsePoint, I have seen the company go from strength to strength,” said a company GM quoted in a news release. “Our Exchange has proven to be one of the strongest in market, and I’m very excited about moving into health-driven offerings, where we can help advertisers connect, engage and better target their audiences to effect positive outcomes for their consumers.”

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