Should Austin have an anthem like the “Seattle Startup Anthem?”

We all need a creative project to work on from time to time, especially if your living the startup life. Mentors usually tell us to stay focused on the on our product road maps and don’t stray from the path. But if you have been heads down working on your venture for a bit then you may need to lift your head up and start working on a creative side project too.

This was my philosophy when we started the “Seattle Startup Anthem.” I mean, we work so hard trying to change the world, why not have a little fun too…right? I found that focusing some of my efforts on a creative project that had nothing to do with my startup injected a much-needed wave of fun in my life.

With this in mind, I present to the Austin Startup Community, the “Seattle Startup Anthem”

Starting up is hard work. It can also be lonely work and it’s no secret that the startup path is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Our highs are high, and our lows are low. Our goal with this project was to give a fun, creative and motivating gift to startup entrepreneur across the globe. If you’re at a low, play this track, dream big and never give up! If your on a high, turn up the volume dream big and never give up!

We know what question is rattling in the back of your mind, “Why is letting this guy from Seattle post on their blog?” The answer is simple, we are all in this together! And when something fun comes along that we can all benefit from we should all do our part to share it with the community. My only question to you (Austin) is, will we hear a “Austin Startup Anthem” anytime soon?

Connect with the Startup Rappers

Gabriel Gervelis, @ggervelis

Manish Guadi, @mgaudi17

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