5 Simple Steps to Organize Your Wardrobe

Getting dressed can be a pain if your closet looks like a war zone. With stacks of shirts piled high, loose hangers poking out in between a mess of clothes, and shoes boxes taking up way too much space, putting together an outfit becomes an annoyance and a waste of time. As anyone in the startup world knows, time is a precious commodity.

Style should be your daily dose of self-expression, not a morning chore.

To use what you have in your closet though — and use it creatively — organization is crucial.

Here are five steps to make your morning routine simpler, to make your whole wardrobe accessible and to help you get excited again about the clothes in your closet.

Pull everything out.

The shoes hiding on the top shelf must come down. This may feel a bit scary, since they haven’t seen the ground in 5 years, but it’s time. Follow that by taking down everything else: old sweaters, unworn pants… anything. You can also pull out all your stored-away jewelry as well, or if that seems overwhelming, you can always repeat this process separately for your accessories. At the end of this step everything should be visible: on the floor or hanging up.

It’s clean out time.

This step can be intimidating because you’ve probably told yourself there’s a reason why you’ve held on to all of these things for so long. The answer is that yes, some of these pieces you love and some hold special memories, but others don’t quite fall into that category. Time to rid yourself of them. What you’re looking for are garments that are ill-fitting, unflattering, outdated (if you bought it in the 90s, you can’t wear it now, even if the 90s are in style), hole-filled or pilling. Throw them in a bag and donate.

Respect what’s left.

Give each garment that survived your closet purge a new life in the spotlight, where they can be seen. Get rid of anything that becomes an obstacle to accessing your wardrobe. Remove shoes from boxes, purchase a wall jewelry organizer you love (rather than a jewelry chest), take clothes out of dry cleaning bags, remove and recycle empty wire hangers.

Group ’em up in a single file line.

Put each piece with similar items. Shirts go with shirts. Dresses go with dresses. Jewelry can be kept together or separated by bracelets, necklace and rings.

Follow the “ROYGBIV” color scheme order you learned in elementary school to organize each section. Whites and blacks can make their way to the ends. This will make your wardrobe more aesthetically pleasing, while it also helps you access whatever color matches your mood that day. To finish off the fresh look of the closet, face all hangers in the same direction, turn all shirts right-side-out, and pull out all sleeves wadded inside shirts. Everything should be as uniform as possible.

Get to styling.

While the thought of styling may seem outside your realm, you actually do it every morning. So it’s time to dive in. Tap into your creativity by using the clothes you wear every day in unexpected ways. Pop one color off another, like a lemon off watermelon, mix and match neutrals like camel and black, or add a statement necklace to an upbeat printed dress. The trick to developing your style is to try new things and go with your gut. Start over if you make an outfit you don’t love. Take a picture to remember when you make a visually appealing outfit. And if you need help in turning your closet into a room full of outfits you love, contact Greer Image Consulting. We help you work with what’s in your closet to create outfits that suit your style and lifestyle every day of the week.

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