MomentFeed Publishes New Study on Mobile Customer Experience

The team at MomentFeed recently briefed MMW on the fascinating insights gleaned from its new study.

A leader in mobile customer experience management for multi-location brands, MomentFeed has just released a proprietary research report that “provides insights that have significant implications for how multi-location brands should engage with their increasingly mobile and social customers.”

The study, based on analysis of impression data gathered by MomentFeed in early 2017 from more than 50 national brand clients, was conducted to examine the engagement of consumers with brands across mobile devices and digital networks, and across multiple sectors including restaurant chains, retailers, and consumer services businesses. With mobile influencing 56% of all offline sales according to Deloitte, taking advantage of mobile engagement as a primary revenue driver for in-store sales couldn’t be more important to national brands.

While nationally-focused brand pages have provided a helpful way of communicating with customers, the study revealed that local storefronts on mobile are now becoming the first line of engagement with the consumer, with the master brand’s website as a secondary catch-all:

  • 84.8% of all consumer impressions, where customers are seeking information most relevant to them, happen on digital assets that represent individual stores, branches, showrooms and restaurants.
  • Only 15.2% of impressions are on brand or corporate assets — including the brand’s own website and social media pages.

All told, there’s much more to the report. To review the complete findings, click here.

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