First Look: Stackla Expands Machine Learning Technology To Power Personalized Customer Experiences

Machine learning is among the hottest commodities in tech today. Not surprising, the rapid pace of innovation is being harnessed across multiple industries, including the worlds of marketing and customer service.

To that end, Stackla — a leading user-generated content (UGC) platform — has just announced Co-Pilot, a new machine learning recommendation engine that helps brands deliver and continually optimize personal content marketing at scale.

Stackla’s more than 450 customers, including Subaru, McDonald’s, NVIDIA and Cirque du Soleil, can now leverage its machine learning algorithms to evaluate published content, analyze how their customers interact with it and receive predictive recommendations for what content will perform the best. Co-Pilot helps brands publish better, more authentic content with less effort.

Every day, there are more than 2 billion posts created on social media, and Stackla, the company boasts, helps brands find, sort, and publish the best of that user-generated content to create more engaging advertising, emails, websites, apps, and even live event displays.

“There is a massive amount of real customer stories shared on social media for brands to leverage, but creating and sourcing the right content for the right person across every channel has been an overwhelming task,” said Peter Cassidy, co-founder, CMO and Chief Product Officer at Stackla. “We’ve built Co-Pilot to help marketers navigate this world of content so they can easily deliver personal, authentic and effective customer experiences at unprecedented scale.”

To learn more about Stackla, click here.

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