Just For The Big Boys No More: Geofencing Mobile Technology More Accessible, Affordable

Glo Creative is aiming to once differentiate itself from other digital marketing agencies by introducing a new technology to the United States.

Glo Creative, we’re told, has partnered with award-winning digital marketing agency, Citrus7, to include a social marketing tool that utilizes GPS or RFID technology to create geographic boundaries (or “Geofencing”) in its rolodex of digital marketing tools.

Glo Creative is one of the first boutique agencies to couple Geofencing with Programmatic Media to strategically deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right place, in the right moment. The software is programmed to trigger responses catered to the consumer’s interests when a mobile device enters or leaves a geographically-defined area.

Execs for Glo Creative say they want to continue to operate on the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry by providing contemporary, creative thinking to both established and upcoming brands.

“I like to provide the best for my clients, and we have excelled by incorporating the best practices of international marketing agencies into the affordable digital solutions we create for our clients,” explains Michael Glovaski, President and Founder of Glo Creative. “I knew that by joining forces with Citrus7 to ensure our clients stood out from their competitors by using a whole new method of marketing, Glo Creative would once again exceed our clients’ expectations.”

To learn more about Glo Creative, click here.

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