PricePlow presents The MCT Oil Keto Diet Connection: Do MCTs Raise Ketones?

The MCT Oil Keto Diet Connection: Do MCTs Raise Ketones?
Mike’s new to the keto diet, so he wonders if MCT Oil can raise blood ketones when when in a fasted, low-calorie, slightly-ketogenic state.

The answer is YES — and once you understand the pathway, it’s easy to see why! (Realize I’m not a doctor or expert in this field so I’m learning too)

The biggest drawback is that sometimes MCT can jack up your stomach. This happens about 20% of the time for me if using a whole tablespoon. 5-8g may fare better rather than 14g in a Tbsp.


* Giant Sports Giant Keto:

* A certain Keto Supplement that has both BHB *and* MCT… but wait til you see what happens!!

1. Beta-Oxidation:

This creates all of our Acetyl-CoA molecules needed to make ketogenesis happen!

2. Ketone Body Production:

This is by far the best video talking about these reactions for ketogenesis. You might as well learn what you’re body’s trying to do here!

3. Blood sugar goes down a bit, ketones go up in rats:

4. Blood tests are better!

5. Medium Chain Fatty Acids “Definition”:

6. REAL MCT’s Don’t require lipase or bile from liver

7. Exception = Lauric Acid!

8. Ketogenesis Image: (not as good as what’s in video #2 though!)

9. Great written explanation:

10. The image and write-up everyone always references, but isn’t detailed enough, is at

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