Visual IQ Aims to Deliver People-Based Marketing Insights

On Tuesday, MMW learned that Visual IQ — a leading provider of marketing intelligence software — confirmed in a provided statement to media a new strategic partnership with Lotame, a leading independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange.

Through this partnership, we’re told, Visual IQ clients “will receive an unparalleled view of marketing and advertising performance via the lens of audience data.”

Now, clients can uncover which specific tactics and messages drive the best results for each audience segment across every channel including paid search, which has historically been difficult to measure from an audience perspective.

“Given today’s mobile-first, always-on consumer, the opportunity to use data to provide tailored messages and experiences across channels and devices has never been greater. However, most brands today analyse the attributes of their customers and prospects separately from marketing performance, with little to no intersection,” the official word reads. “As a result, marketers are unable to gain a single, unified view of each consumer and the channels, devices, and tactics that are most effective in driving engagement, leads, sales, and other desired business outcomes.”

We’ve been told that the integration is currently underway, with several clients already “seeing the value from the partnership.”

“For more than a decade, we have been helping marketers harness the power of audience data to fuel relevant and personalised experiences,” said Ryan Rolf, vice president of data solutions at Lotame. “By partnering with Visual IQ, the marriage of our two solutions will enable marketers to better understand their customers and prospects, the combination of channels and tactics that best influence them, and ultimately make smarter decisions that impact the bottom line.”

For more info about Visual IQ, click here.

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