PricePlow presents BPI Keto Aminos Review: KETOSIS KILLER for Mike

BPI Keto Aminos Review: KETOSIS KILLER for Mike
BPI Keto Aminos taste great, but FAIL THE TEST for Mike. Three times they brought ketone levels down and technically OUT of ketosis, while also elevating blood glucose levels each time.

Two of these tests were fasted at my desk, the other was during fasted cardio:

Day 1:
– Fasted Blood Sugar Pre: 102
– Ketones Pre: 0.5

– Blood Sugar 45 minutes post (no training or eating): 130
– Ketones Post: 0.4

Day 2 (next day):
– Fasted Blood Sugar Pre: 87
– Ketones Pre: 0.5

– Blood Sugar 45 minutes post (no training or eating): 99
– Ketones Post: 0.3(!!)

Day 3 (about 10 days later):
– Fasted Blood Sugar: 80
– Ketones Pre: 0.7

Post-Cardio (40 minutes elliptical, ~625 calories burned):
– Blood Sugar: 111
– Ketones Post: 0.4


1. BPI makes no claims about ketone levels. But they do mention that the product can help you get keto adapted (see and

2. I reached out to BPI and talked to a high-level sales manager, but was never put in touch with R&D. Maybe they have other ideas.

3. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean the same will happen to you. Maybe I’m not keto-adapted enough, or maybe I have some crazy gene that upregulates the enzyme involved in converting glycine or alanine to glucose. Who knows.

1. Giant Keto success:
2. MCT Oil success:

It’s gotta be the glucogenic amino acids. Look at the label and note all of the glycine and alanine and other aminos, and then cross-reference with this list:

In addition to those and the glutamine, L-Citrulline is glucogenic too![]

These amino acids get converted to glucose via gluceoneogenesis, and I believe there are simply TOO many of them for the average keto dieter.

Finally, some information on those extra ingredients:

We kindly call on BPI Sports to reformulate this product without their “oligopeptide bond” glycine/alanine stuff and to use more leucine and actual BCAAs, as well as a dash more MCT Oil and way more BHB.

Equipment used:

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