PricePlow presents Giant Keto New Flavors (Peach Mango!) Save the Day (Ketones)

Giant Keto New Flavors (Peach Mango!) Save the Day (Ketones)
Giant Sports Giant Keto new Peach Mango and Happy Rancher Watermelon Flavors to the rescue!

‘Member that one time I got knocked out of ketosis by BPI Sports Keto Aminos for the third (and last) time?

Well I used this as a good chance to get myself some energy and test out the new Giant Keto flavors sent to me.

* Peach Mango — This is 100% ready for production, and is already headed to the stores!!

* Watermelon — This is better than the raspberry lemonade, but isn’t my favorite. Still could use some work if they could sweeten it any more.

But more importantly were the effects on my blood levels!

– Blood Sugar: 111
– Ketones: 0.4 😦

– Blood Sugar: 103
– Ketones: 1.3!

This is the highest blood ketone jump I’ve ever had a serving of BHB supplements or even fat.

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