Silicon Valley Will Suffer a Shameful Legacy for Introducing Inequality to the Great Equalizer

Silicon Valley — another American racist/sexist shithole just like the Segregated South

When the Internet first came around in the mid-1990s, it was herald as “The Great Equalizer” where anybody with a keyboard can start an e-commerce shop, publish their works and reach the world to millions who are also attached to the Internet.

Today, Silicon Valley took the Great Equalizer and established a system of inequality where only white male faces are prominently displayed in “tech media”, VC firms exclude African-Americans and sexually harass women tech entrepreneurs and we also see Silicon Valley firms talking up some “lack of pipeline” bullcrap. This is what Silicon Valley contributed to the Internet and no amount of media spin or PR crisis campaign is going to change what Silicon Valley done to a great technology such as the World Wide Web and the digital economy.

At this juncture, what will happen next is Silicon Valley will quietly fight to maintain a white male status quo while pretending they value diversity by finding a token woman in tech or finding another token person of color to prop up. Meanwhile, we are in an new age in the 21st century where we have another Great Equalizer and that is cryptonomics which will transform how transactions and trade will be done in the 21st century.

Fortunately, Europe and Asia as well as Africa are making great breakthroughs in technology such as mobile payments, blockchain and distributed ledgers and artificial intelligence as well as robotics. China has built up beautiful and diverse tech hubs that will make anybody forget about Silicon Valley existence altogether. India continues to pour out more advanced talent and Latin America continue to emerge more modernized urban destinations. Cryptonomics and transactions are intertwining with localism and diverse interactions around the world.

Future history will look back at Silicon Valley and compare Silicon Valley to the Jim Crow segregated South. People in the future will look at pictures of Silicon Valley and see the all-white male tech bro culture and will be disgusted and dismissive of Silicon Valley due to inequality. People in Silicon Valley who contributed anything will be forgotten and just be part of a discriminatory culture no one wants to remember. Black people won’t be rallying for Silicon Valley in the future, neither will any other ethnic group or emerging region; only ones who will be rallying for Silicon Valley will be the old white tech bros who want to hold on to “tradition” like the Confederate flag wavers who we got around today.

As more and more global tech hubs emerge in the near future, Silicon Valley will be nothing more than another shameful and ugly footnote to remind the rest of us in this world to never allow the opportunities and progression of human innovation devolve into a white male bro thing ever again.

This Silicon Valley bigotry and exclusion culture must never happen in history ever again.

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