PricePlow presents Does Weight Lifting Make You Stupid

Does Weight Lifting Make You Stupid

Naudi Aguilar, founder of Functional Patterns, recently made a video essentially stating bodybuilding, hypertrophy training, and “traditional” forms of weightlifting make you stupid. On top of that, he contends that having increased amounts of muscle in correlated with a severe lack of intelligence!

Well…does weightlifting actually make you stupid?

CJ’s back with another edition of Fact or Fiction!


2012 Study – Resistance Training Promotes Cognitive and Functional Brain Activity

2010 Meta-Analysis, Resistance Training Improves Mental Health

An Overview Of 2010 Meta-Analysis On Resistance Training and Mental Health

Effects Of Resistance Exercise On Cognitive Function – Human Kinetic 2012

Systematic Review Of Functional Training

Functional VS Strength Training 2013

Functional Training Revisted

Functional Training As Compared To Resistance Training In Older Adults

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