Best Austin coffee shops for startups

Startup life means being flexible and having the ability to work wherever, whenever. But all entrepreneurs know that finding the spot where you’re going to be the most productive, while also be surrounded by like-minded people who inspire you, requires some researching.

While co-working spaces, accelerators or even your living room are viable options for startups, there’s nothing quite like a coffee shop. If you’re the type who finds the coffee shop atmosphere the most beneficial to your work, here is our list of the best coffee shops for startups.


Located on East MLK (with a new second location on South Congress), you can find an open laptop and highly caffeinated drink at every table in Bennu. A perfect hub for workers and students alike, Bennu has many tables with plenty of room to work. You can find coders, developers and designers working a lot at Bennu, especially since this shop is open 24 hours a day.

2001 East MLK Blvd., 515 S. Congress Ave.

Caffe Medici

Caffe Medici has multiple locations, but the two-story location downtown is a prime spot for startups. With its centrally located position on Congress Ave. inside the Austonian, you can network with executives while getting inspired by the downtown tech scene. You’ll also rub elbows with investors who work in VCs and other business people who could be good connections to have as a startup professional.

200 Congress Ave., #2B


Located on the first floor of the South Congress Hotel, this “easter egg” may be hard to find, but is well worth your time looking. A coffee shop on the busy South Congress street may seem like an unexpected place to get some work done, but this quaint spot is a quiet oasis compared to its surroundings. With validated garage parking and quick access to restaurants and shopping, this cafe has all the amenities you could ask for in a workplace.

1603 South Congress Ave.


In a small refurbished house on the corner of Cesar Chavez sits Cenote. Located East of 35, we can’t think of a better place to soak up the sun and caffeine so close to downtown. Cenote is a very social place where you can find a good mix of people from all industries.

1010 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Brew and Brew

This East Austin joint was one of the early entrants to the coffee-cum-craft brew scene and frankly does a great job paying homage to both beverage traditions. The industry types that frequent Brew & Brew are startups, web designers, local entrepreneurs and creatives; which means you can expect to make connections with a variety of industries.

500 San Marcos St.


If you’re someone who works an unconventional schedule, check out Epoch Coffee, which is open 24 hours. With big, spaced-out tables, you can work without the cramped feeling of other coffee shops around town. Epoch sees people from a variety of industries, such as designers, programmers, solo-preneurs and artists. The second location is also located North, off of Anderson Lane.

221 W North Loop Blvd., 2700 W. Anderson Ln. #409


Houndstooth’s downtown location occupies part of the first floor of the Frost Bank Tower. Its location at the bottom of the Frost Bank Tower makes Houndstooth a hot spot for the executive set: bankers, startup investors, attorneys. Its close proximity to Austin’s tech scene makes it a frequent spot for startups of all kinds, coders on a deadline, and creative consultants.

401 Congress Ave.

Radio Coffee and Bar

Located in South Austin, this coffee shop/craft beer hybrid has a laid-back atmosphere perfect for hanging out and getting some work done. The best part about this shop is once you’re finished working for the day, you can kick back and relax on the patio with one of their many craft beers on tap while listening to some live music.

4208 Manchaca Rd.

Want to learn more about local resources for startups? Check out Startup Over Coffee, a crowdsourced map of startup resources brought to you by Manzer Communications. Everything from co-working spaces and coffee shops, to VC firms and media outlets can be found on our curated and interactive map. Do you have a business you’d like to add to the map? Simply add a pin or contact us here.

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