A Healthy Approval for Mobile Wayfinding

Making your way in the word today takes everything you’ve got.

Wait, that’s the theme from Cheers.

Actually, however, it’s also the mantra of mobile-focused technology geniuses who realize that patients need help more often than not when it comes to finding the location of a new doctor or healthcare facility. That’s according to a new post from our sister site mHealthWatch.

And some organizations are jumping on this emerging practice sooner than others. Case in point: Piedmont Healthcare, which now offers guests a mobile wayfinding platform providing step-by-step directions to any destination within Piedmont’s hospitals and related points of interest such as urgent care locations or doctors’ offices.

Developed in collaboration with Atlanta-based Gozio Health, the PiedmontNow app is available on all Android and iPhone mobile devices and can be downloaded for free via the App Store.

“We are always striving to perfect the patient experience at our hospitals and across our health system,” says Katie Logan, Vice President of Experience at Piedmont Healthcare. “With Gozio’s new wayfinding platform, guests can feel confident with the knowledge that they can arrive at their destination on time, unstressed and at the right location.”

To learn more about Gozio Health, click here.

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