No more Bathroom Bills!

38 CEO’s across Texas and across industries are speaking up about how the so called “Bathroom Bills” currently going through the legislature are bad for business and bad for Texas.

Dear Gov. Abbott, Speaker Straus, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Members of the Texas Legislature:

As leaders of Texas’ successful and growing tech and startup community, we write in opposition to the proposed “bathroom bills” currently being considered in the Texas Legislature.

Every day, we recruit the best and brightest talent from across the world to bring their ideas and innovations to Texas — but the nature of their work allows them to locate almost anywhere. Culture and a community’s commitment to diversity and inclusion thus become essential factors in where innovators choose to live and grow their businesses. These factors are more important to the workforce of today and tomorrow than they were of the workforce of previous generations.

Discriminatory legislation will damage the business-friendly reputation that has allowed us to build innovative technology and startup communities in all corners of the state. Therefore, we urge you to oppose these bills and instead focus on issues that have allowed Texas to be a leader in the innovation economy.


Gene Austin
CEO, Bazaarvoice in Austin

Joshua Baer
Executive Director, Capital Factory in Austin

Tom Ball
General Partner, Next Coast Ventures in Austin

John Berkowitz
CEO, Ojo Labs in Austin

Bill Blackstone
General Manager, Galvanize in Austin

Trey Bowles
Executive Director, The Dallas Entrepreneurship Center in Dallas

Sara Brand
General Partner, True Wealth Venture Partners in Austin

Barbary Brunner
CEO, Austin Technology Council in Austin

Heather Brunner
CEO, WP Engine in Austin

Jason Cohen
CTO, WP Engine in Austin

Chelsea Collier
CEO of Intercambio in Austin

Gordon Daugherty
Managing Director, Capital Factory in Austin

David Edmonson
Executive Director, Austin Tech Alliance in Austin

Rod Favaron
CEO, Spredfast in Austin

Morgan Flager
General Partner, Silverton Partners in Austin

Hugh Forrest
Director of Programming, SXSW in Austin

Richard Garriott
CEO, Portalarium in Austin

steve goldsmith
Head of HipChat at Atlassian in Austin

Steve Guengerich
Principal, Powershift Group in Dallas

Dan Graham
CEO, Notley Ventures in Austin

Erik Huddleston
CEO, Trendkite in Austin

Brett Hurt
CEO, in Austin

Preston L. James, II
CEO, DivInc in Austin

Nick Kennedy
President, Surf Airlines Inc. in Dallas

Matt Mullenweg
CEO, Automattic in Houston

Chris Pacitti
General Partner, AVX Partners in Austin

Mellie Price
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Capital Factory in Austin

John S. Reale, Jr.
CEO, Station Houston in Houston

Joe Ross
President, CSID in Austin

Amos Schwartzfarb
Managing Director, Techstars in Austin

Venu Shamapant
General Partner, Live Oak Venture Partners in Austin

Justin Siegel
Mentor & Angel Investor, Capital Factory in Austin

Joah Spearman
CEO, Localeur in Austin

Krishna Srinivasan
General Partner, Live Oak Venture Partners in Austin

Stephen Straus
Managing Partner, Kung Fu in Austin

Andy Tryba
CEO, Crossover in Austin

Tyson Tuttle
CEO, Silicon Labs in Austin

Zeynep Young
CEO, Milk & Honey Spa in Austin

No more Bathroom Bills! was originally published in Austin Startups on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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