How an Austin SEO Service Company Built a Tech Startup

Meet the new product building trust and transparency in SEO.

Scene from SEO spoof video by

Search engine optimization can be a mystery to even the brightest minds in marketing, but it doesn’t have to be. At least, that’s what SearchRPM founder Michael Ramirez believes, and his new product evisio puts this belief into action.

SEO is a process that optimizes websites for search engine ranking, making it easier for a given target audience to find a site organically. In the digital landscape, most people know they need SEO for their business — but hiring someone to do it is complicated, frustrating, and can feel like buying snake oil.

After years of delivering successful SEO services to national and international clients, Ramirez and the SearchRPM team decided this was a problem they could solve. What if there was a tool to enable individuals, teams, and agencies to DIY their SEO in a way that’s intuitive and user friendly? Enter evisio, a product built by some of the best humans in SEO, designed for any human who needs to use it.

With evisio, anyone with a URL can get high-quality SEO support through a simple, straightforward online tool. Plus, users get access to ongoing support and SEO project management features that make evisio even more valuable for individuals, in-house marketing teams and agencies.

Along with the launch of evisio in June 2017, Ramirez and team have also released a fresh website for their service-arm SearchRPM, and released a popular spoof video that calls out SEO confusion with comedy. Needless to say, this team has had a busy year. You can see the full video below.

The new product has been a natural evolution for SearchRPM, which has never been your traditional SEO service company. Launched in 2012, UT alumnus Ramirez started the company to bridge the gap between customer-focused marketing strategies and traditional SEO best practices.

evisio is currently offering a free 14-day trial, with all subsequent pricing plans available on the website. The startup has plans for rapid growth in the coming year as it continues to iterate based on user feedback, and bring real transparency back into the SEO industry.

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