Best SXSW EDU Proposals for 2018

There are 5,580 SXSW Proposals, and 1,430 are for SXSW EDU… yeah, a lot

So I narrowed the list to the Best 80 proposals — ones that I would attend or that I think are really interesting

My Criteria for Selecting/Up-Voting:

  • Must be interesting/unique — there were several proposals that all shared the same theme/idea, so if I selected 1 of those, it’s because I thought it was the best of the group
  • Eliminated proposals that sufficiently lacked “real” expertise
  • Any proposal that seemed to be a company promoting it’s products above delivering interesting insights or creating discussion… aka if a proposal’s video is the promotional video on for some company’s website, it didn’t make this list
  • Also, I’m biased towards Higher Ed, Analytics, Personalized Learning, and VR/AR… just where my main interests are — of course, I did select many that don’t fit those descriptions
  • For transparency, my company has 3 proposals related to Higher Ed & Analytics— I placed them at the bottom of the page to eliminate bias

Best Proposals for SXSW Edu 2018


How Universities Can Accelerate Entrepreneurs (link)
Bringing Entrepreneurship to K-12 Academia (link)
Developing True Grit via Entrepreneurship (link)
Should I Raise Money for My EdTech Startup? (link)
Edtech Efficacy: Metrics That Matter (link)


How K-12 is Shaping the Development of VR Ed-Tech (link)
Immerse Yourself in 2018’s Latest VR/AR Learning (link)
Taking Over Higher Education with VR (link)
The Future of Learning: Convergence of VR, AR & AI (link)
How AI is Shaping the Future of Higher Education (link)

Data Science/Machine Learning/AI

Synergistic data science and causal inference (link)
Using Social Media Analytics to Know Everything (link)
Left Behind By AI (link)
AI in Education: Opportunities and Challenges (link)
Student Predictions, Student Protections (link)
How Data Science uncovers the best college choices (link)
How AI Improves Dropout Early Warning (link)
The Reality of AI in Education (link)
How Data & Automation Humanize Student Experience (link)
Chatbots and enhanced student engagement (link)

Student Privacy

Accidental Consequences of Student Privacy Laws (link)
Balancing Student Privacy and Student Safety (link)
The Elephant in the EdTech Classroom: Data Privacy (link)
EdTech & Data Privacy: The Case for Transparency (link)
Big Data: Value and Risks for Higher Ed (link)

Higher Ed

Identity & Community College Students’ Mobility (link)
LIVE FROM THE QUAD: Higher Ed & Live-Streaming (link)
Affordability Counts! How FIU saves students money (link)
Democratizing Data for Student Attainment (link)
Implementing Solutions: Higher Ed Big Challenges (link)
Increasing Graduation Rates through Game Theory (link)
Big Ideas to Solve the College Completion Problem (link)
Web Based Solutions for College Counselors (link)
Compassionate Enrollment: A New Retention Solution (link)
Radical Student Success: Customer Service (link)
Making the Real-Time University Real (link)
(Un)Affordability in Higher Education (link)
Colleges Go Mobile to Support Student Success (link)
Do Colleges Let Students Get Away with Cheating? (link)
First Generation College Grads Pay It Forward (link)
Three Ways to Change Higher Ed’s Business Model (link)
Imagining the University Campus of 2050 (link)
Myth-Busting Higher Ed (link)
Data Driven Strategies for College Success (link)


Re-envisioning the K-12 Computer Science Pipeline (link)
Ed-tech Tools, Which are Right For Your School? (link)
Empowering 50,000 Students by Deploying 1–1 iPads (link)
How Dungeons & Dragons can save the world (link)
Teacher Burnout: An in-flight safety demonstration (link)
Rigorous Research + Technology = Advancing STEM Ed (link)
Secret Sauce of a District’s Success: Data Chats! (link)
Student Needs Mapping and Data Visualization (link)
Disrupt Implicit Bias: Personalizing The System (link)
Innovation? In a Library? Uh…Yeah! (link)
The Non-Academic Side of Student Success (link)
Applying Research to Truly Personalize Learning (link)
Edtech Efficacy Research #ShowTheEvidence (link)
Time’s up: EdTech needs a common data standard! (link)
Bringing the Science: Teaching with Authentic Data (link)
Push: First-year students as agents of change (link)
What’s innovative in K-12 public schools? (link)
The Big Idea: Cracking the Code on Chronic Absence (link)


Low Cost/For Profit — Private Education in Africa (link)
The Invisible Million: Homeless Students in the US (link)
How Well Do We Know Our Kids? SEL and Gamification (link)
Using Authentic Student Stories to Reach Students (link)
Personal sensors: seeing through engineered eyes (link)
Developing US EdTech in International Markets (link)
Opportunity vs. Achievement: Framing the Gap (link)
How Do We Get (and Keep) More Girls in STEM? (link)
Growing an Engaged Education Innovation Community (link)
So Quiet : Engaging the Silent Student (link)
The Breakthrough of Drone Education (link)
Email is Dead: Connecting with Today’s Students (link)
The Student Sleep Debt Crisis: How We Can Help (link)
Is a PhD or EdD Right for Me? (link)

Personal — AKA I have some part in these via Degree Analytics

1st Generation Students: Success vs Failure — Case Study(link)
How IoT & Big Data is Changing Education (link)
Just How Important is Academics to Retention? (link)

Got feedback? Did I miss some awesome proposal that deserves to be on this list? Comment below to let me know.

For a full list, check out the SXSW Panel Picker.

Make sure to vote for your favorites!

Aaron Benz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Degree Analytics, a Capital Factory Accelerator Company

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