First Look: Guts The Grunt Work out of User Acquisition

The founders of mobile marketing company AppScotch, acquired by AppAnnie, today launched their newest venture,

“The company has created the first centralized platform to manage user acquisition across dozens of channels like Snapchat, AdColony, Chartboost, and others,” the official word reads. “Initial customers include IGG, the company behind Lords Mobile, and TextNow, the popular messaging app.” has raised $2 million in funding from investors, many in the mobile gaming space.

Notable names include Jonathan Zweig, founder of AdColony (acquired by Opera), and John Zdanowski, former CFO of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life.

Most user acquisition teams spend approximately half their ad budget on Google and Facebook and the other half on dozens of smaller channels, which must be managed individually, making the process time consuming and laborious. has found that the average UA team spends 80% of their time on this manual grunt work. And the problem is only getting larger – the number of channels grew from 700 in 2015 to 1,500 this year.

We’re told that is the first system that allows UA teams to manage all of these channels from a single place. The platform currently supports 20 channels, which will increase to 50 by the end of this year. In addition to more efficient management, the platform also enables UA teams to easily discover and test new channels without having to go through a costly new set up process. Identifying high performing smaller channels is especially important for UA teams as Google and Facebook become increasingly competitive.

“The sheer number of apps out there today makes it difficult for companies to get noticed. To be able to compete, advertisers need to maintain a wide and diverse portfolio of channels to acquire users, which puts enormous pressure on UA teams,” said Andrey Kazakov, co-founder and CEO of “Most advertisers have a portfolio of channels they deal with which spans from 10 to 50 channels depending on the company. Constantly discovering ways to acquire users is a part of the day to day job for UA teams, adding even more manual operations to their daily work. Our goal is to minimize the unnecessary manual work they face every day.”

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Cannes Lions: PreVUE Answers the Call for Verification

At the center of Cannes Lions is the conversation around third party verification, says the team at DashBid.

According to a company email sent to MMW on Monday, this is, by far, the most important topic in the digital advertising industry.

“Advertisers are rightfully demanding adherence and publishers are left with the insurmountable task of multi-party data vendor management in order to deliver audience to advertisers,” DashBid says. “Failure to satisfy results in clawbacks, make goods and destroyed trust and brand.”

As a result, DashBid has just announced PreVUE — a “first of its type solution”. The solution offers a publisher, SSP or exchange a single point of integration to access all the various data and output required for audience verification.

Publishers who partner with PreVUE can use their existing data relationships as well as gain immediate access to new relationships including fraud detection, NHT, viewability, demo, geo, and IAB site categorization. We take care of the integrations and manage the anomalies for you.

We’re told that PreVUE manages the validation of each avail across all data categories and frees the publisher of the cost, effort and challenges of vendor management.

“PreVUE is a product we were able to use as a beta customer.  Technical integration was simple and the results were beyond expectations,” said Rolan Reichel, CEO and Founder of RLLCLL.  “We saw huge improvements in fill rates and CPMs as well as reduced operating costs almost immediately. Any publisher, SSP or exchange can’t expect to perform in this market without PreVUE.”

DashBid is currently considering direct publishers, SSPs and exchanges for PreVUE during its advanced beta launch. PreVUE is expected to be available publicly in early Q4 of this year.

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IRI Partners with Jumpshot to Enhance Suite of E-Commerce Solutions

This week, IRI and Jumpshot announced a strategic partnership in which Jumpshot’s web traffic data will be added to the IRI E-commerce Solutions Suite.

If you’re not familiar, we’re told that Jumpshot tracks more than 160 billion monthly clicks, helping marketers understand consumers’ online activity.

With the addition of Jumpshot’s data, IRI’s E-commerce Solutions Suite will offer clients a deeper understanding of consumers’ online activity and access to more in-depth and precise analyses and insights at the domain, brand and product levels.

What’s more, the announcement confirms that this partnership will triple the amount of data in the IRI E-Commerce Solutions Suite, adding an additional layer of granularity and enabling more personalized, targeted insights for IRI clients.

“In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to understand consumer behavior on e-commerce platforms,” said Robert I. Tomei, president of Consumer and Shopper Marketing, Core Content and Insight Services for IRI. “The addition of Jumpshot’s dataset into our comprehensive e-commerce solution provides additional perspective into the consumer’s actual e-commerce transactions, online shopper journey and the elements that influence purchase behavior. We look forward to continuing to grow our base in e-commerce services, and will persist with investing in products that best support clients’ needs.”

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Mobile Tech on the Move: IDC Sees Q1 Spike in Wearables

The worldwide wearables market maintained its upward trajectory during the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17) with Xiaomi and Apple leading all companies and multiple products experiencing double – and triple-digit growth.

That’s the official announcement from the International Data Corporation (IDC). The IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker indicates that companies shipped a total of 24.7 million wearable devices during 1Q17, up 17.9% from the 20.9 million units shipped in 1Q16.

“Fitbit finds itself in the midst of a transformation as user tastes evolve from fitness bands to watches and other products,” noted Ramon Llamas, research manager for IDC’s Wearables team. “This allowed Xiaomi to throttle up on its inexpensive devices within the China market and for Apple to leverage its position as the leading smartwatch provider worldwide. Now that Xiaomi and Apple have supplanted Fitbit, the next question is whether they will be able to maintain their position.

“However, by no means should Fitbit be removed from the wearables conversation,” continued Llamas. “With a user base of 50 million, a strong presence within corporate wellness, and assets that keep it top of mind for digital health, Fitbit is well positioned to move into new segments and markets.”

“The market is arguably still in the first phase of development, where companies are focused on seeding wearables into the market,” said Jitesh Ubrani senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers. “It’s all about getting people accustomed to the idea of wearing a device. And the opportunity remains very enticing for traditional and fashion watch brands as the scale of the consumer electronics market far surpasses their world.

“The second phase of development will be all about putting user data to good use,” continued Ubrani. “This is when step counts translate into healthier hearts and minds. And it’s also when we will start to see devices that actually augment our abilities and make our lives easier or more productive rather than just being another screen we keep an eye on.”

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aggity, RedPoint Global Aim to Deliver Personalized, Cross-Channel Campaigns

MMW learned today that RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, has just announced a strategic partnership with global consulting firm aggity to deliver intelligent cross-channel campaigns.

The targeted area, we’re told, spans Mexico, Spain, and Portugal.

“The partnership will meet the growing marketing technology needs of the respective markets,” the firm tells us.

As part of their agreement, aggity will provide customer engagement services using the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub solution, which combines the power of RedPoint’s market-leading customer data platform to create rich, dynamic unified customer profiles with its real-time customer interaction platform that intelligently optimizes customer engagement across all touchpoints and enterprise business functions.

In short, with RedPoint, enterprises have a hub for connecting all their customer data, driving real-time decisions and intelligently orchestrating engagement with their customers.

“Enterprises are increasingly looking to optimize customer engagement across all touchpoints and enterprise business functions, and RedPoint’s leading Customer Enagement Hub more than meets this need,” said aggity President and CEO Oscar Pierre. “Our clients are always looking for the best technologies, and partnering with a customer engagement technology leader like RedPoint will help us deliver on our promise to provide exceptional cross-channel marketing services.”

To learn more, check out aggity here and RedPoint here.

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Insights Unlock Competition-Crushing Customer Loyalty, Says New inMarket Report

According to Forrester Research, we’ve entered “the age of the customer” — an era defined by customers and not companies driving business decisions.

“For this reason,” writes Mike Dickey for WIRED, “it is more important than ever for companies to get to know their customers on a deeper level.”

To get to that deeper level, obtaining and leveraging data is vital.

“Don’t always assume you know what your customer wants or needs,” Dickey continues. “Embrace your customers for what they do, rather than what you think they’re doing. Stay objective and allow the data to provide insight.

Today, we’re bearing witness to the enormous marketing power of insights and how they can be used in business for brands and locations to get to know their customers more intimately.

Without question, of course, some businesses are doing better than others in this increasingly important practice. And it’s easy to spot those ahead of the pack.

In the realm of restaurants, for example, the latest research into the space reveals that the businesses that expertly harness customer data are best positioned to drive customer loyalty to heights the competition can only dream of.

Illustrating this argument is the newest report from inMarket, a trusted company that uses machine learning to analyze billions of data points per month to “paint a picture of consumer behavior.” The 7-year-old bootstrapped company has just released its Spring 2017 Loyalty Report for Restaurants as part of its inMarket inSights program.

The findings have been used to rank full-service restaurants (FSRs) and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) based on customer loyalty as determined by repeat mobile device visitation.

Each business is assigned a Loyalty Score, which is determined by total visits divided by unique device visitation, inMarket says (For example, a restaurant with 1,000,000 visits from 500,000 devices would have a Loyalty Score of 2).

“The average Loyalty Score for all FSRs in Spring 2017 was 1.4, while the average for QSRs was 1.55,” the official report announcement reads.

According to inMarket location data, Cincinnati-based Skyline Chili has the most loyal patrons in the U.S. in 2017 — attracting repeat customers 27 percent more frequently than average.

What does it all mean? Time and again, customer loyalty leads to growth. Three out of the top five QSRs for customer loyalty are expanding in 2017, the report confirms.

Not surprisingly, the importance of customer loyalty is by no means limited to the restaurant vertical. This latest report from inMarket is the second report in a series covering loyalty at various brick and mortar verticals. The first report, covering retail, similarly identified what inMarket calls a “clear correlation between low customer loyalty and store closures so far in 2017.”

“In our retail rankings, 80% of the bottom 10 businesses for customer loyalty were either closing stores, laying off employees or freezing growth,” the report reads. “That trend seems to extend to full service restaurants as well — with Joe’s Crab Shack having filed for bankruptcy in June 2017 after performing at 19% below the loyalty average this year. ”

Want to know more? The complete inMarket report with rankings and analysis can be downloaded here.

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First Look: YouAppi Research Reveals Challenges for Mobile Marketers

If Digital Video 1.0 was characterized by the repurposing of TV content for the PC, says the team at YouAppi, then the current growth in Mobile Video is anything but repurposing Web or TV video content for mobile devices, according to research commissioned by mobile growth platform YouAppi.

The research conducted by Dimensional Research found that 94% of the 218 global mobile marketer and agency employees surveyed in May and June 2017 said that mobile video best practices are different from traditional desktop video best practices.

“And it’s the differences between mobile video and legacy video implementations that are creating the challenges for mobile marketers and their agencies as they increase their use of mobile video,” the official word reads.

In the research commissioned by YouAppi, 96% of respondents claimed they faced challenges with mobile video, and that the leading challenge cited by 44% of them was ‘developing compelling creative’, making it clear that mobile marketers understand that repurposing video from other platforms won’t cut it on mobile. The second leading challenge cited by 35% of respondents was ‘finding properties to effectively deliver video’. This challenge of finding the right properties and channels was also seen in another question, where 42% of respondents said that they run their mobile videos on six or more channels, while 17% run mobile videos on over 20 different channels.

According to an advance look at the report, a third major challenge cited by the respondents was the broad range of metrics / KPIs used to measure performance. Though digital media is known for its accountability, the respondents surveyed cited 15 different metrics / KPIs, including Cost Per Install (CPI), Click Through Rate (CTR), Video Completion Rate (VCR) and Cost Per Completed Video (CPCV), with none used by more than half. “This research shows that mobile marketers are dealing with a huge number of different metrics and KPIs for video, and an enormous range in the types of measurement. When you combine this with fact that not even half can agree that any of these metrics is worth tracking, it clearly indicates a metric standardization challenge for the industry,” said Diane Hagglund, Founder and Principal, Dimensional Research.

In addition, 55% of respondents are using three or more metrics / KPIs, and still, 46% are not satisfied by their ability to measure the success of their mobile video programs.

“Regardless of the challenges, marketers see tremendous opportunities with mobile video,” the company contends. “Among the respondents who work in a range of mobile marketing and mobile user acquisition positions not inherently focused on mobile video, 94% said that the importance of mobile video has increased in the past few years and 93% said that mobile video will continue to increase in its importance in the coming years.”

To learn more, check out YouAppi’s Dirty Little Secrets of Mobile Video Infographic here.

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Swrve Touts Mobile Engagement Driven Email Campaigns

Swrve, a leader in mobile marketing engagement, announced late last week what the company calls “significant enhancements” to its mobile engagement tools — tools designed to empower marketers to deliver highly personalized email campaigns that are based on sophisticated mobile intelligence (that includes mobile audience, behaviors and analytics).

According to the official word, the new capabilities make email campaigns easier for marketers to trigger and operate directly within the Swrve platform, removing data silos between email and mobile marketing channels and streamlining the development workflow.

With these enhancements, Swrve continues to build upon its mobile-centric approach to empower marketers to leverage real-time insights for 1:1 marketing across mobile and email channels, the company says.

Swrve’s new marketing email enhancements allow marketers to leverage their existing email marketing investments, eliminate data silos and remove process workflow latencies by triggering emails directly from Swrve to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Swrve’s new features help organizations address the challenges of delivering personalized multi-channel experiences in real time, by enabling marketers to leverage the data richness of mobile audiences, events, schedule triggers, analytics and personalization to launch highly contextual emails directly within the Swrve platform. By accelerating the time to market and streamlining this workflow process, marketers can now create and deliver 1:1 multi-channel campaigns that touch and interact with the customer throughout the journey at the right time through the right medium.

“Swrve understands that customers expect highly personalized and contextual experiences, regardless of the channel,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “As a result, siloed marketing campaigns can no longer exist. Swrve’s email enhancements focus on removing the data silo between mobile and email — predominant channels that customers use today — to allow marketers to leverage their existing email infrastructure investments, maximize their ROI, and improve the efficacy of both channels.”

Want to know more? Check out Swrve online here.

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Serve and Protect: VASCO Steps Up Efforts to Protect Mobile Apps

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that VASCO Data Security International, Inc. is rolling out its ability to help organizations detect and mitigate mobile application overlay attacks through added functionality in the DIGIPASS for Apps Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) module.

According to the official word from the company — a global leader in digital solutions including identity, security and business productivity — overlay attacks “are increasingly being deployed to steal user login information.”

The ongoing attack on Android devices named Marcher has already targeted 117 banking applications. Overlay malware allows attackers to create screens that sit on top of legitimate Android applications and intercept information that can compromise a user’s security and privacy.

The formal announcement indicates that in order to help prevent damage during an overlay attack, organizations can use the overlay detection functionality from DIGIPASS for Apps, which offers a library of APIs that natively integrates application security, biometric authentication, risk analysis and more into mobile applications.

“Mobile malware attacks are only increasing, making it more important than ever for organizations to deploy technology that helps prevent against further damage,” said VASCO President and Chief Operating Officer, Scott Clements. “This kind of real-time, frictionless and convenient security for mobile transactions helps organizations mitigate risk and better ensure trust in the digital world.”

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mHealth News: The Headlines You Might Have Missed

mhealthHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that our sister site mHealthWatch has been monitoring this past week.

Iron Bow Recognized for Telemedicine Solutions
MHW has learned that Iron Bow Technologies — an information technology solutions provider to healthcare, government and commercial markets — has been recognized as a “foremost leader” in providing telemedicine solutions.

24/7 Kid Doc Announces Telemedicine Installation in Georgia Schools
24/7 Kid Doc, Inc. — a healthcare company providing Telemedicine solutions to public schools at no cost — has just announced that it has established a second pilot program, this time with the Montgomery County School District in Georgia.

Only 17% of People Rank Health-Related Sectors as Most Innovative
Americans are flagging the need for more healthcare innovation, according to a recent Klick Health survey of 1,012 adults, conducted by Maru/Matchbox.

Minnesota Timberwolves, Fitbit Announce Partnership
MHW learned today that The Minnesota Timberwolves, as part of a series of summer announcements highlighting a new era for the organization, have formalized a new three-year partnership with Fitbit, a leading global wearables brand.

AlayaCare Aims to Push the Innovation Boundaries of Home Care
Ahead of the weekend, MHW learned that Toronto-based AlayaCare — a leading provider of home care software — has achieved two milestones for health innovation: Mars Innovation Partnership – Procurement by Co-Design Grant; and the development of a patent pending in machine learning.

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